Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Words of Charlie Sheen

My childhood friend, Samantha, passed on a couple of links to me this morning. When she was 8 years old she appeared in an art film from the '80s called "Tale of Two Sisters" by Adam Rifkin (Sam is credited on imdb as "Bug Girl". "Two Sisters" employed Charlie Sheen's poetry (a collection called "A Piece of My Mind" - check out the gross cover art below).

The trailer for "Tale of Two Sisters" appears here - Charlie Sheen reads his his poetry over the second half of it (around 1:08). It is really....really...inspiring....(?)

Why is this on the Youngblog? Just good old writerly camaraderie I guess.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What is a gspat?

A gspat is a misunderstanding one shares with a loved/nonloved one on an online chat forum. This blog is dedicated to transcripts of online quarrels which occur on gchat, aim, skype, facebook chat etc etc.

If you submit a transcript, you are responsible for protecting the anonymity of the parties involved.

Send transcripts to

We hope you enjoy revelling in the dysfunctionality of others!
The Spatmaster